FIGO Statement

FIGO Statement

FIGO calls for the immediate safe passage of women and children in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine poses extreme risks to civilians – in particular to women and children. FIGO calls on the Russian Federation to provide immediate and continuous safe passage across and out of Ukraine to all civilians, in particular pregnant women, women who have recently delivered, newborns and children.

More than 2.5 million people have been displaced by the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation and Belarus. This figure could rise to as many as 4 million. Among these are around 80,000 women expected to give birth in the next three months. FIGO and our OBGYNs already recognise the innate risks of childbirth to mother and infant at all times. These risks are dramatically exacerbated when planning and giving birth while under siege, in war or displaced, significantly increasing the possibility of maternal and infant death or injury.

Full Statement, read HERE

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